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What size cigars fit the Cigar Throttle?

The Cigar Throttle is optimized for 50 ring gauge, 5″ to 7″ cigars.

Will the Cigar Throttle attach to all tanks?

Since the Cigar Throttle uses neodymium magnets to attach it to your tank, it will only work on steel tanks. Also, it will not hold securely to highly waxed tanks.

What about using the Cigar Throttle on my gas tank? How can it be put in such close proximity to the fuel?

As long as your gas tank isn’t compromised – leaking fuel, unsecured or no gas cap – there will be no way for the fuel to ignite.

What if a rider tries to fuel up while using the Cigar Throttle?

Smoking around gas pumps is always a bad idea and we wouldn’t support it with or without the Cigar Throttle.

What’s the weight of the Cigar Throttle?

Very little. A Cigar Throttle loaded with a cigar weighs only 9.5 ounces.

Is the Cigar Throttle cumbersome to use?

No, not at all. It’s really not that big and not heavy. You can grip it with two fingers like you would a large magic marker.

What is the Cigar Throttle made out of?

The Cigar Throttle is made from machined billet aluminum and contains some small parts made from nickel-plated or stainless steel. There are neodymium magnets embedded in both ends that have a rubberized coating to protect your paint.

How long does a cigar last in the Cigar Throttle?

With the proper adjustment of the cap related to speed, our testing shows 45 minutes to 1 hour. About the time it would normally take to smoke it anyway.

How is my cigar held in the Cigar Throttle?

Your cigar is held in place by 6 plated ball bearings. Using a little force, push the lock ring until you hear a “snap”. This means the collar has engaged the bearings and they have gripped your cigar.

What keeps my cigar burning?

The forward motion of your bike at speeds above 35 mph allows a continuous supply of circulating air to enter the Cigar Throttle to keep your cigar lit. This airflow is adjustable by the cap.

How is the Cigar Throttle cleaned and how often should I clean it?

Cleaning the Cigar Throttle is simple. We recommend using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Cleaning can be done as often as you like. Always wipe the magnet areas clean before use to ensure that there’s no stuck-on debris that could scratch your paint. We suggest cleaning every time you’ve smoked a couple of cigars so that the ash buildup doesn’t interfere with opening and closing the lock ring.  Do not try to disassemble the lock ring.  It’s permanently attached.

How big is the Cigar Throttle?

Overall dimensions of the Cigar Throttle are 6.5 inches in length. 2.1 inches in width and 2.1 inches in height.